Instance Group

Defines the InstanceGroup class that configures a heterogeneous cluster.

class sagemaker.instance_group.InstanceGroup(instance_group_name=None, instance_type=None, instance_count=None)

Bases: object

The class to create instance groups for a heterogeneous cluster.

It initializes an InstanceGroup instance.

You can create instance group object of the InstanceGroup class by specifying the instance group configuration arguments.

For instructions on how to use InstanceGroup objects to configure a heterogeneous cluster through the SageMaker generic and framework estimator classes, see Train Using a Heterogeneous Cluster in the Amazon SageMaker developer guide.

  • instance_group_name (str) – The name of the instance group.

  • instance_type (str) – The instance type to use in the instance group.

  • instance_count (int) –

    The number of instances to use in the instance group.


    For more information about available values for the arguments, see InstanceGroup API in the Amazon SageMaker API reference.


Generates a request dictionary using the parameters provided to the class.