Network Configuration

This file contains code related to network configuration.

It also includes encryption, network isolation, and VPC configurations.

class Union[bool, sagemaker.workflow.entities.PipelineVariable] = False, security_group_ids: Optional[List[Union[str, sagemaker.workflow.entities.PipelineVariable]]] = None, subnets: Optional[List[Union[str, sagemaker.workflow.entities.PipelineVariable]]] = None, encrypt_inter_container_traffic: Optional[Union[bool, sagemaker.workflow.entities.PipelineVariable]] = None)

Bases: object

Accepts network configuration parameters for conversion to request dict.

The _to_request_dict provides a method to turn the parameters into a dict.

Initialize a NetworkConfig instance.

NetworkConfig accepts network configuration parameters and provides a method to turn these parameters into a dictionary.

  • enable_network_isolation (bool) – Boolean that determines whether to enable network isolation.

  • security_group_ids ([str]) – A list of strings representing security group IDs.

  • subnets ([str]) – A list of strings representing subnets.

  • encrypt_inter_container_traffic (bool) – Boolean that determines whether to encrypt inter-container traffic. Default value is None.