Lambda Utilities

This module contains helper methods related to Lambda.

class sagemaker.lambda_helper.Lambda(function_arn=None, function_name=None, execution_role_arn=None, zipped_code_dir=None, s3_bucket=None, script=None, handler=None, session=None, timeout=120, memory_size=128, runtime='python3.8')

Bases: object

Contains lambda boto3 wrappers to Create, Update, Delete and Invoke Lambda functions.

Constructs a Lambda instance.

This instance represents a Lambda function and provides methods for updating, deleting and invoking the function.

This class can be used either for creating a new Lambda function or using an existing one. When using an existing Lambda function, only the function_arn argument is required. When creating a new one the function_name, execution_role_arn and handler arguments are required, as well as either script or zipped_code_dir.

  • function_arn (str) – The arn of the Lambda function.

  • function_name (str) – The name of the Lambda function. Function name must be provided to create a Lambda function.

  • execution_role_arn (str) – The role to be attached to Lambda function.

  • zipped_code_dir (str) – The path of the zipped code package of the Lambda function.

  • s3_bucket (str) – The bucket where zipped code is uploaded. If not provided, default session bucket is used to upload zipped_code_dir.

  • script (str) – The path of Lambda function script for direct zipped upload

  • handler (str) – The Lambda handler. The format for handler should be file_name.function_name. For ex: if the name of the Lambda script is and Lambda function definition in that script is lambda_handler(event, context), the handler should be hello_world.lambda_handler

  • session (sagemaker.session.Session) – Session object which manages interactions with Amazon SageMaker APIs and any other AWS services needed. If not specified, new session is created.

  • timeout (int) – Timeout of the Lambda function in seconds. Default is 120 seconds.

  • memory_size (int) – Memory of the Lambda function in megabytes. Default is 128 MB.

  • runtime (str) – Runtime of the Lambda function. Default is set to python3.8.


Method to create a lambda function.

Returns: boto3 response from Lambda’s create_function method.


Method to update a lambda function.

Returns: boto3 response from Lambda’s update_function method.


Method to create a lambda function or update it if it already exists

Returns: boto3 response from Lambda’s methods.


Method to invoke a lambda function.

Returns: boto3 response from Lambda’s invoke method.


Method to delete a lambda function.

Returns: boto3 response from Lambda’s delete_function method.