Amazon SageMaker Sequence to Sequence is a supervised learning algorithm where the input is a sequence of tokens (for example, text, audio) and the output generated is another sequence of tokens. Example applications include: machine translation (input a sentence from one language and predict what that sentence would be in another language), text summarization (input a longer string of words and predict a shorter string of words that is a summary), speech-to-text (audio clips converted into output sentences in tokens). Recently, problems in this domain have been successfully modeled with deep neural networks that show a significant performance boost over previous methodologies. Amazon SageMaker seq2seq uses Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) models with attention as encoder-decoder architectures.

For a sample notebook that shows how to use the SageMaker Sequence to Sequence algorithm to train a English-German translation model, see Machine Translation English-German Example Using SageMaker Seq2Seq. For instructions how to create and access Jupyter notebook instances that you can use to run the example in SageMaker, see Use Amazon SageMaker Notebook Instances. Once you have created a notebook instance and opened it, select the SageMaker Examples tab to see a list of all the SageMaker samples. The topic modeling example notebooks using the NTM algorithms are located in the Introduction to Amazon algorithms section. To open a notebook, click on its Use tab and select Create copy.